1918 Harley Davidson Men’s Single Bar Roadster



1918 Harley Davidson Men’s Single Bar Roadster 

Model 118

Motorbike style Handlebars with Jewelled Grips

22″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)


The Harley Davidson marque epitomises everything that America stands for, and a Harley Davidson bicycle is a machine that every collector aspires to own.

In the 21st century, the internet has made it easier to find authentic parts to restore vintage bikes. Previously, it was difficult, and enthusiasts often had to buy repro parts to complete their restorations. (Actually, original Harley Davidsons and parts are still hard to find). This Harley Davidson is an old-time restoration, nicely done around 20 years ago, using a repro chainwheel and head badge. It is still in good condition, slightly weathered to give it sufficient patina.

100% original Harleys obviously command top prices, so much so that they become ‘investment pieces’ that owners are afraid to ride in case they get damaged! So a model such as this, that’s eminently rideable, and still gets the looks, is a practical alternative. Although most top-of-the-market 1930s American bikes can be somewhat gaudy, the Harley Davidson bicycle is not ostentatious: it was designed with the minimum of fuss, the idea being to imitate the Harley Davidson motorcycle of the day. It was actually quite subtle marketing: boys could start out with a Harley Davidson bicycle and then, when old enough, progress to one of the company’s motorcycles.