1920s/1930s Cyclops Tricycle





1920s Cyclops tricycle 00

1920s/1930s Cyclops Tricycle

Leatheries Juvenile Saddle




WIDTH: 20″

WIDTH: 31″

The only difference I can find in the 1920s tricycles sold by Cyclops and subsequent models is that later examples had a brace across the seat stays. I assume the earlier models were found to be weak at the rear stays, but I’ve not found any records to indicate when this modification took place.

The tricycle featured here appears similar to the catalogue picture below (dating from the 1930s) though the illustrated tricycle has straight forks, while the example featured here has the earlier style of forks that kick forwards.

cyclops tricycle

1920s Cyclops tricycle 00


1 Hay St, Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW, Australia 

The Australian toy making firm Cyclops was started by Heine Brothers, who were a pressed metal manufacturer. The origins of the firm began in 1911 when 5 year-old Ernest Heine saw an American tricycle and would not leave his father, John, alone until he had imported one for him. It featured solid iron wheels, no tyres, turned wooden handle bars and a leather seat. Seeing the marketing potential of the bicycle, John Hein began manufacturing flat-framed tricycles for children in a small factory in Hay Street, Leichhardt, an inner Sydney suburb, in 1913 with a staff of four.

By 1915 the name ‘Cyclops’ – the one-eyed giant whom Ulysses met on his travels in Greek mythology – was registered as the new name of the company. By 1926 Cyclops merchandise had spread Australia-wide. After WW2, production resumed at the Cyclops factory, in November 1946.

In 1955 Cyclops were taken over by Lines Bros, the large British toy manufacturing company, who were expanding rapidly; the following year the firm purchased the plastics manufacturing company Moldex Ltd in Fairfield, Melbourne. The company made use of injection, extrusion, thermo-setting and vacuum machinery and as a result there was an increase in the diversification and range of plastic transport and other toys.

1920s CYCLOPS Flivver trike car

1920s Cyclops tricycle 00





1920s Cyclops tricycle 00





1920s Cyclops tricycle 00

1920s Cyclops tricycle 88


1920s Cyclops tricycle 00

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