1924 Rudge-Whitworth Gent’s No 6 Sporting Aero Special with Sloping Top Tube

Every Rudge-Whitworth refinement is embodied in this Sporting Roadster, the attractiveness of which is enhanced by the fitting of 26 inch wheels, with Dunlop Cord Tyres.

It is ideal for touring, being a speedy bicycle with a most comfortable riding position.

– 1924 Rudge-Whitworth sales catalogue


1924 Rudge-Whitworth Gent’s No 6 Sporting Aero Special

1″ Sloping Top Tube

24″ Frame

26″ Wheels

Patent Celluloid Handlebar with Combined Grips

Beaded Edge V section Mudguards

Very Good Original Paintwork and Box-lining, with all transfers (decals) intact

(Now sold)

I spend a lot of time researching bicycles, so it is a pure delight to come across one that not only has good original paint and transfers (decals), but also still retains its model name resplendent in gold leaf on the top of the steering head above the headbadge.

The ‘No 6 Aero Special’ was a popular alternative to a normal roadster. Customers were beginning to complain by the early twenties that 28″ wheel machines were too tall for their feet to touch the ground; this was a particular concern for older riders. One of Rudge-Whitworth’s main competitors, Sunbeam, had brought out the ‘Low-Built’ version of their Royal and Golden range fitted with 26″ wheels, and Rudge-Whitworth felt obliged to follow suit. By 1924 small lightweight builders were starting to establish themselves too, so Rudge-Whitworth’s No 6 Sporting Aero Special, with its sloping top tube, was designed to see off competition from them too.

The unique celluloid handlebars are described in the catalogue as ‘Rudge-Whitworth patent weatherproof lustrous black celluloid to handlebar, brake levers and tubes’. Other unique Rudge items are the celluloid covered pedal cranks, patent V section mudguards, oilers on the bottom bracket and hubs with the Rudge logo on the flip up top.

Finished in high quality black enamel and bronze lines, and built to the highest standards by one of the world’s leading manufacturers, this sporting roadster with sloping top tube was one of the top bicycles of its day.