1929 Bransom Kent & Co ‘Royal George’ Tourist Sloping Top-Tube

To focus only on the top cycle manufacturers ignores the fact that a sizeable proportion of working class cyclists purchased their bicycles from small  manufacturers and cycle component companies. ‘Manufacturers and Merchants  of Accessories & Fittings’ such as Bransom Kent & Co were one of many companies that supplied the cycle trade, as well as direct customers and the export markets. With most of the cycle manufacturers based in the Coventry and Birmingham areas, the majority of the component companies had their shops in London; this allowed some manufacturers an additional outlet in the City. Many of the Bransom Kent & Co fittings and frames were supplied by Phillips Cycle Co, but they also sold Williams and Brampton fittings among others.

Local cycle agents and makers might buy their frames and components to attach their own names to the finished bicycle. But some bore their own name, their main  model being the ‘Royal George’ which was made in various forms, including Gents Parallel or Sloping Top Tube, as well as lady’s and sporting models. The first ‘Royal George’ may have been a continuation of a name used by St. George’s Cycle Co, which was taken over by Bransom Kent & Co in 1896. It was also the name used for the Bransom Kent motorcycle made in 1901, and they used it for their bicycles until the company closed down in 1930.

This particular machine is shown in their catalogue, but not illustrated; various component parts, such as the Williams chainwheel, are illustrated on various pages of their 1928/1929 catalogue, shown further down this page.




1929 ‘Royal George’ Gent’s Tourist

Sloping Top-Tube

Manufactured by Bransom, Kent & Co Ltd,

Great Eastern St, London EC2

Sturmey-Archer ‘Model K’ Three-Speed

24″ Frame

26″ Wheels

26 x 1 3/8 Tyres

(Now sold)


 A sloping top tube model such as this machine provided the rider with the appearance of a road racer, but the luxury of various extras such as three-speed gears. This Royal George retains its original (faded) paint and is a well-built bike of its era.



























Great Eastern St, London EC2

In 1896 Bransom Kent & Co took over the cycle components company of William Bransom & Co and also St. Georges Cycle Co. They were located at 332 Goswell Road, London in 1898 and made the ‘Royal George.’ They also had premises at 1 Rue Tori Celli, Paris in 1898.

The company made Bransom’s patent gear cases (see 1900 advert below from New Zealand).


bransom kent gear case


Bransom Kent & Co launched the ‘Royal George’ motorcycle in 1901. It was made for one year only. Their next motorcycle, fitted with a Minerva engine, was the BK, introduced in 1904.

The company was wound up in 1930 (see below).