1929 Rudge Whitworth No 36 All-Weather Model (Aero Special)

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1929 Rudge Whitworth No 36 All-Weather Model (Aero Special)

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels (28 x 1 1/2″ tyres)

Sturmey-Archer Three-Speed ‘Model K’ Gears

with handlebar-mounted barrel trigger

Extra-Wide V-Section Valanced All-Weather Mudguards

Good Original Unrestored Condition

(Now sold)




This impressive machine has early Rudge Whitworth pattern vee-section mudguards, fitted to Rudge-Whitworth bicycles from the turn of the century until 1931. Designated the ‘All-Weather Aero Special’ it also sports the special valanced All-Weather fitments, providing a unique and attractive style that stands out from the crowd.

Unlike other bicycles of the era, Rudge Whitworth’s patent gear case is designed for easy removal of the rear wheel: its bottom section unhinges to make it easy to release the chain.

This Gent’s Roadster is unrestored cosmetically, its paint well-worn, with the remains of some original pin-striping.

The machine is fitted with a front lamp, rear carrier, and Brooks B66 saddle, chrome bell, and is ready to ride.



This handsome beast has interesting features that would have been rare on other bicycles, but were standard on Rudge-Whitworth cycles, such as celluloid handlebars and hub brakes. The previous owner had the brake shoes relined by a vintage motorcycle specialist. The near-side pedal crank is a replacement, being chrome; it would be easy to replace it with a painted crank if required. Otherwise, the bike is original. (In 1929 both nickel or chrome were in use).

The tyres are usable but I’ve noticed a few sidewall cracks. I’ll supply an extra pair of new tyres on sale.

The Sturmey-Archer ‘Model K’ three-speed gear is fitted with the optional Model K handlebar-mounted barrel changer.

Likewise, the mudguards are unique to Rudge-Whitworth, being heavy duty Extra-Wide V-Section Valanced All-Weather Mudguards …ideal if you are riding in a rain forest. It was indeed a popular seller in the British Colonies in the 1920s and 30s.

The mudguards are in excellent condition. This is an indication with this model that the bicycle has been cherished in its lifetime. Because these guards, being larger than usual, were often damaged at the bottom through careless handling or rust (the bottom of the mudguards trapping mud and water). Needless to say, the entire bike is solid.