1932 BSA Gent’s 28″ Roadster with Double Top Tube


1932 BSA Gent’s Roadster with Double Top Tube

Model 7D with BSA 3-Speed hub

28″ Frame

28″ Wheels

35″ Standover Height (top tube to ground)

20lbs weight

(Now sold)




The Double Top Tube Roadster appeared in BSA’s 1914 and 1917 catalogues, as a ‘Heavy Roadster’ created for heavyweight riders:

‘This model is specially designed and strongly constructed for the cyclist of more than average weight …it is built with double top tube, which gives exceptional strength, and the fittings throughout are proportionally strengthened. The equipment is of first-class quality, and the general appearance of the machine bears the stamp of BSA thoroughness. The heaviest rider can use this machine with perfect confidence.’

It does not appear in general BSA catalogues after 1917, as it was not a model that was held in stock, but was built to a customer’s special order.

By the 1930s, old-style roadsters were giving way to lightweight machines. The style of this double top tube machine remained the same as twenty years before, but it was now built from lighter weight steel, because the need was now for a tall frame rather than a heavyweight machine as before. This example weighs 20lbs, no more than the average roadster bicycle.

This example is in good order throughout.

I sold it to a friend five years ago, and i recently bought it back from him.

As it retains its original head transfer (decal), I believe the paint is also original.

My friend rode it and reports everything to be in good order.

I’ll fit new tyres and tubes, and service it on sale.




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 1931 bsa catalogue 8