1934 BSA Club ‘Model 403A’

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To those who are thinking of buying a bicycle we say – choose  a make with a long-standing reputation for quality behind it, and buy the model that is best suited to your requirements. The name BSA has been associated with cycling since the beginning of the industry. For over 70 years the famous BSA Piled Arms Trade Marks have been the guarantee of quality, of reliability, of long service in a Bicycle.

– Extract from Introduction to the 1934 BSA Catalogue


1934 BSA Club ‘Model 403A’

BSA three-speed gear

Marsh Shallow Drop Handlebars

BSA rat-trap pedals

Bluemel ‘Noweight’ celluloid mudguards

22″ Frame

26″ Wheels

(Now sold)

This 1930s BSA sporting bicycle is fitted with a BSA three speed gear, matching BSA rat-trap pedals and Bluemel ‘Noweight’ celluloid mudguards. The company sold it in 1934 for £5 17/- 6d with optional BSA three speed at 20/- extra.

The sun shone today, a welcome reprieve in the middle of winter, so I photographed it at the Bluebell Railway in Sussex.

It was restored to a high standard a while ago by my friend Pete. Its shiny parts have been rechromed. Apart from some scratches to the paintwork, it’s still in good condition, and is ready to ride.











































LOCATION: Bluebell Railway, East Sussex