1934 BSA Club Gent’s Bicycle Model 403A

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To those who are thinking of buying a bicycle we say – choose  a make with a long-standing reputation for quality behind it, and buy the model that is best suited to your requirements. The name BSA has been associated with cycling since the beginning of the industry. For over 70 years the famous BSA Piled Arms Trade Marks have been the guarantee of quality, of reliability, of long service in a Bicycle.

– Extract from Introduction to the 1934 BSA Catalogue


1934 BSA Club Gent’s Bicycle

Model 403A

with BSA Three-Speed

Marsh Shallow Drop Handlebars

21″ Frame

26″ Wheels

(Now sold)


This 79-year-old BSA sporting bicycle was fitted with the BSA Three-Speed gears and caliper brakes, both options for the 1934 BSA Club. Expanding brake hubs were another option for this model and, strangely, this bicycle has one of those t00, in the front wheel.

I bought the bicycle in 2008 from my friend Leon, and it has been in storage since. I’m gradually working through my longterm storage bicycles and offering them for sale. These machines have become quite rare now for a sad reason: they are normally pillaged for parts by ebay vultures, who sell all the components separately in order to make more profit. I prefer to keep bikes intact and, in order to preserve them, have to buy such parts from ebay to fit back to the bicycles.

This one is in original ‘oily rag’ condition, ie the chrome is tarnished, although the paintwork has the remains of its box lining and the transfers (decals) are intact. The front headstock transfer is the BSA Piled Arms and the one on the seat tube is a transfer from the shop that supplied the bicycle new.

The BSA Three-Speed works fine.

One of the Bluemel ‘Noweight’ celluloid mudguards has a crack in it which needs to be braced  and glued. The inflator pump does not work (it needs new rubbers). The bell is rusty. I don’t test lights on bicycles, though it has its full lighting set wired up, so I assume it would work. The tyres hold air but have cracks, so a new pair of tyres will be included with the sale. The bike will also be serviced on sale, prior to delivery.

If you want a shiny gleaming repainted and rechromed bicycle, this is obviously not your kind of bike. If you like authentic machines that are rough around the edges (perhaps similar to their rider?) but will be ready for daily use, then this may well be the BSA for you…