1934 BSA Trichrome Special

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To those who are thinking of buying a bicycle we say – choose  a make with a long-standing reputation for quality behind it, and buy the model that is best suited to your requirements. The name BSA has been associated with cycling since the beginning of the industry. For over 70 years the famous BSA Piled Arms Trade Marks have been the guarantee of quality, of reliability, of long service in a Bicycle.

– Extract from Introduction to the 1934 BSA Catalogue

1934 BSA Trichrome Special

BSA three-speed gear

BSA Grips & pedals

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)

BSA’s ‘Trichrome Special’ was so named because of the arrival of chrome in the cycle industry. The chrome on this example is in good condition, and the paintwork is also in good unrestored original condition, with some of the box lining intact. The original pedal rubbers are worn, but you can see the BSA name on them. One of the original handlebar grips is missing, replaced by a similar reproduction. The original grip needs some glue as the outer layer is loose; it retains the BSA rifles logo. You can also see the BSA logo on the hubs and gear trigger. The machine is in good mechanical condition and ready to ride.