1936 Golden Sunbeam 28″ Tall frame with Double Top Tube


1936 Golden Sunbeam for Gentlemen with Double Top Tube

Tall Frame Model G, by Special Order

Sturmey-Archer ‘KB4’ Three-Speed Hub

with internal expanding brake

28″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Brooks Model B12 Saddle

Frame No G.466.1.11076

(Now sold)



This Special Order ‘Model G’ Golden Sunbeam is in excellent original condition and, with only two other examples known to the Sunbeam marque register, it’s a rare beast.

The Sunbeam is fitted with internal expanding brake hubs. Sturmey Archer introduced the KB hub gear in November, 1931.

The front hub states ‘F LB4’ – ‘F’ designates front; LB is the model; the ‘4’ suffix suggests 1934 production.

The rear hub is marked ‘KB4’ – model KB, again made in 1934.

The KB and LB are interchangeable. Sturmey Archer literature says they are ‘fitted with the same internal-expanding, hand-operated brake as used in our ‘KB’ hub.’















































tall bicycle

While an imposing height, this 28″ double top tube Sunbeam is by no means the tallest machine. Bicycles could be ordered up to 30″ and occasionally even 32″ frames were made.

In the days of gas street lighting, it’s said that special tall frame bicycles were used for lighting them. Over the years, there were also fads for using bedsteads for bicycle frames.

tall bike

bedstead bicycle

bed frame bike