1939 Sun Wasp Tandem

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Despite the wide range of cars and motorcycles available at reasonable prices in the 1930s, for healthy individuals a tandem was the ideal machine for a weekend jaunt to the seaside. Cycling was very popular and cyclists eagerly awaited each season’s new models.

A key word in all Sun Cycle Co was ‘exclusiveness.’ While most of the cycle manufacturers focussed on cheaper bicycles after the stock market crash of 1930, Sun did not cater for the cheap end of the cycle market, but repeated the practice of the early years of cycling by selling only quality products.  It’s interesting to observe that the price of the Sun Wasp tandem in 1939 was £18 10/- …more expensive than a top-of-the-range 98cc autocycle. (The H.E.C Levis, for example, was 17 guineas).




1939 Sun Wasp Tandem

Model 40 Double Gents

21″ Frame (Front & Rear)

26″ Wheels

Frame No DT 957 

Sturmey-Archer ‘AT-9’ Three-Speed Gear/Hub Brake

Cyclo Derailleur Three-Speed Gear


 This Sun Wasp tandem is such a well-equipped large machine that it feels more like you’re riding a motorcycle than a bicycle.

Cosmetically it’s in fabulous original condition, with original transfers proudly declaring ‘THE WASP’ on the seat tube and ‘SUN’ behind the Patent Tandem Heel Brake. As you can see, it’s loaded with optional extras and accessories, including two sets of gears.

It has been mechanically restored and is ready to ride.














































1939 Sun Wasp Tandem 87

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