1940s Pedal-operated Generator (Admiralty Pattern, WW2)

1940s Pedal-operated Generator (WW2)

Admiralty Pattern 323A Generator, Pedal-driven, 60 Watts, 12 Volts DC (5 Amps Output). Weight approx 46lbs.”

Williams pedal cranks with BSA style 5 pin bolts.



This WW2 pedal generator is in very good preserved condition. It is untested but there’s not much to go wrong so presumably it will work.




Hand generator battery charger and pedal generator, World War II. From the British Special Operations Executive’s (SOE) Descriptive Catalogue of Special Devices. The SOE was formed in July 1940 to conduct warfare by unconventional means. Its activities included espionage, sabotage and assisting resistance movements in enemy-occupied countries.