1942 BSA Military Mk V Roadster (# ‘BSA 59’ Irish Army)

1942 BSA Military Mk.V Roadster

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Dunlop rubber saddle

Frame Number: ‘BSA 59’

(Now sold)

This is a very interesting Mk.V BSA because of its stampings. All the others I’ve seen have frame numbers starting with the letter ‘T.’

This one, however, proudly shows its manufacturer’s name and serial number – ‘BSA 59.’

It also has the date ‘1942’ stamped on top of the handlebars.

I’ve owned this bicycle since 2008. It was one of the first military bicycles I bought. It has been in storage for over ten years. It originally had rifle clips but I gave them to a blacksmith so he could fabricate copies for me; unfortunately he took the originals apart so I did not get them back! I assume that because it had separate rifle clips it was not fitted with the rear carrier that had an insert on one side for a rifle barrel. Everything looks original on it apart from the wheel rims which, on close inspection, appear to have been replaced. It needs a good clean. The tyres are old but hold air and the bicycle is ready to ride.




These pedals appear to have seen plenty of boot action. In contrast to the sliding pegs of the BSA Airborne, these enormous pedals are larger than those fitted to tradesmen’s bikes, and were obviously manufactured with boots in mind.