1948 Thanet Silverlight




The designer of the Thanet Silverlight, L.C Cassell, proprietor of Thanet Cycles, of Bristol, based his ideas for his newly registered frame design on a study of parts of crashed aircraft. He noted how heavy engines were carried on light framework that resisted strains imposed by vibration because of efficient triangulation that spread the stresses and avoided concentrated strain at any one point.



1948 Thanet Silverlight

23″ Frame

27 x 1 1/4″ Wheels

Frame No SL 1326

(Now sold)

The Thanet Silverlight is one of the most iconic bicycles of its era due to its unorthodox frame design. It was also the first bicycle manufactured with silver brazing. The overwhelming majority of postwar lightweight bicycles have been restored, many in the 1950s and even more of them in recent years. This example is not only in superb condition but it retains its original paintwork and transfers (decals). I can’t find much to criticise on it. It has been in dry storage for many years so it could do with a polish and shine, and there are a few minor things to attend to such as removing the masking tape that has been used to secure the ends of the handlebar tape. I’ll leave that to the lucky enthusiast who buys it – I’ve not prepared it for display; I’m simply advertising it straight out of storage for the family of Tony Palmer, a collector from Essex with excellent taste in bicycles who passed away recently. The Silverlight was the pride of Tony’s collection. I think it’s the nicest unrestored example in the world, and it’s ready to ride.



































FRAME NUMBER on Front Fork: SL 1326
























Hilary Stone has written an excellent book about the Thanet Cycles.