1950s Pegasus Home-built ‘Velocipede’




1950s Pegasus ‘Velocipede’

Built by the boys from the Marconi Club as an engineering exercise

L 56″

H 30″

W 18″

26″ Wheels

The Marconi Social Club was founded in 1910 for the employees of Marconi Wireless & Telegraph Co, who were one of the leading employers in the Chelmsford area. This replica velocipede was built by boys from the club as an engineering exercise. The bicycle they have used is a ‘Pegasus’ with duplex frame. The 26″ wheels with solid tyres are from an early trailer; the hubs are marked BIRM, i.e. made in Birmingham.  The handlebar and fork are from a 1920s adult bicycle, and the saddle is from a 1950s child’s bicycle. It is 5′ 6″ long and is in rideable condition.

While original velocipedes are very collectible and their historic significance is acknowledged, it is not generally known that, over the years, many replica velocipedes were constructed, often for no other reason than to recreate the thrill of building an example of the first practical bicycle …and then riding it.








Marconi’s “Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company” was formed on 20 July 1897 after the granting of a British patent for wireless in March of that year. The company opened the world’s first radio factory on Hall Street in Chelmsford in 1898 and was responsible for some of the most important advances in radio and television.

marconi factory