1952 Rabeneick Cyclemaster


In Germany Rabeneick made their own version of the Cyclemaster, starting in 1952.  It used the same bike as in Dutch machines but with German headlamp, rear lamp and saddle. The capacity was 32cc and the magneto cover had straight lines and a “Cyclemaster” name plate (but saying “Made in Germany” instead of “Made in England”).  A Rabeneick logo was carried on the cover instead of the CM logo.  Ignition was by Bosch.  Some Rabeneick Cyclemasters had Wipac ignition; these ones have a magneto cover with a CM logo.  The side cover had just one hole for the tap; the carburettor was a float-less Meco with its filter on the inside.  The cover was held in place by four screws.  The option of a conventional Amal carburettor was available.

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1952 Rabeneick Cyclemaster 32cc

19.5″ Frame

26 x 2″ Wheels

Frame No 60396

Engine No 5583


(Now sold)

The German version of the Cyclemaster was not as popular as the British version, and there are not so many survivors.

This example is an original Rabeneick bicycle and engine in glorious unrestored original condition. The front suspension is unique to the company, and is equivalent to the Webb fork on the British BSA cycle that was supplied with the Winged Wheel engine in the back wheel.

As you can see in its video above, it is in good running order. I’ve owned it for 15 years and took it out of storage last summer, when it was serviced and fired up for the first time since hibernation. It’s ready to ride.






















































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