1955 Phillips Motorised Bicycle


After World War Two, there was a serious shortage of new cars and motorcycles in Britain because of a massive export drive necessary to rebuild the battered British economy. As a result, bicycles became the primary form of transportation. By the end of the 1940s engines had been developed that could be fitted to a a bicycle to provide added power, and the Government helped with concessions for any bike with pedals that was fitted with an engine under 50cc.

With this new demand for cyclemotors and cycle-attachment engines, it was soon discovered that not every bicycle was up to the added strain of motorisation, so various cycle makers introduced strengthened frames and forks to their range. Phillips advertised a range of strengthened bicycles that could be purchased for fitting an engine.

The ‘Phillips Motorised Bicycle’ used one of these ‘Motorised Attachment Model’ bicycles and was introduced in October, 1954. It was a very attractive machine with the appearance of a motorcycle. This original Phillips Motorised Cycle was produced for one year only, and sold well at first because its market timing was good, and the bike represented a good looking and quality cyclemotor for the less than £50.

But unfortunately it was rather late in the day for a low powered single speed machine. Cyclemotors had ruled the road for the past six years, but now the NSU Quickly had come onto the scene, imported from Germany, and it was an extremely efficient 2 speed that soon caused the demise of cyclemotoring.

The byline used for the Phillips was ‘Maximum pleasure at minimum cost’, its main selling point being that it was one of the cheapest machines with a factory-fitted engine on the British market. The following year it was updated with telescopic forks as the Mark 2. But Phillips could obviously see the writing on the wall. Though the Motorised was advertised until 1958, the company had also introduced proper ‘mo-peds’ to compete with it. Cyclemotoring was now well and truly over, and the new-fangled mo-ped took the place of bicycles with engines.


1955 Phillips Motorised Bicycle

ETS 225

(V5C Reg Document, old logbook, tax discs from 1959 to 1970, fuel ration book)

26″ Wheels

(Now sold)

ETS 225 was first purchased by William Devine of Haldane Terrace, Dundee, on 12 April, 1955. The Phillips has obviously been cherished through its life as it has survived with its original paintwork unrestored and intact. It is one of the rarest British cyclemotors and, in my opinion, is also the most attractive model from the 1950s because its layout is that of a traditional motorcycle. It has recently been serviced and is ready to ride.
















































ABOVE: The old Cyclemotor style.

BELOW: The latest thing since sliced bread – a MO-PED.



Info thanks to The Moped Archive – http://www.icenicam.org.uk/articles7/art0116.html