1965 AMF Hi-Ball Hand Car



I believe AMF’s ‘Hi-Ball Hand Car’ was introduced in 1959, and it ran at least until 1967. It’s a unique design for a riding toy, and also an interesting historic one, recalling the early days of transport when railroad hand cars were common in rural areas both for railway inspection staff and local people who needed a cheap form of personal transport. If you used a hand car to get into town, I assume a good knowledge of the railway timetable was essential.

Many of the AMF advertisements for the ‘Hi-Ball Hand Car’ show it being used by a child in clown costume. It’s a well-built sturdy pedal car with chain drive, and with its unique mode of operation – standing up and pushing the handle up and down for motivation – it was no doubt an attractive proposition for use by a clown in a circus.

1965 AMF Hi-Ball Hand Car

LENGTH: 39.5″

WIDTH: 20″

The wooden body on this ‘Hi-Ball Hand Car’ is in excellent unrestored original condition, with all its transfers (decals) intact, and it is fully functional.