1968 Rudge-Whitworth ‘All-Chrome’ Roadster

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1960s Rudge Whitworth catalogue 6

By far Raleigh’s largest single foreign market is Nigeria. The cornerstone of African cycling is still the heavy-duty roadster. They are country cousins to the British Raleigh Superbe. We admired the roadster with two-inch balloon tyres and, most of all, the ‘boss bike’, an all-chromium-plated Superbe Roadster, a glittering status symbol.

– Penguin Book of the Bicycle by R.Watson and M.Gray (1978):

The difference between an African ‘Boss-Bike’ and the British All-Chrome display bicycle?

– African models had 2″ balloon tyres and coaster brake. The British ‘All-Chrome’ had the same specification as the normal Raleigh Roadster, i.e. 28 x 1 1/2″ wheels, rod brakes and Sturmey-Archer gears.


1960s Rudge Whitworth catalogue 7

chrome rudge

1968 Rudge-Whitworth ‘All-Chrome’

Manufactured by Raleigh Industries Ltd

Sturmey-Archer A.G Dyno Three Speed

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No 3212 XY

(Now sold)

As well as All-Chrome roadsters with Raleigh badges, Raleigh Industries Ltd sold some of them with Rudge-Whitworth badges. The bicycle itself is the same, only the badges are different.

This particular All-Chrome was bought by a cycle shop in Mill Rd, in the Romsey area of Cambridge, and displayed there for many years until the shop closed down. It was then purchased by one of the employees. I bought it from his daughter.

There’s some minor tarnishing of the chrome here and there, but overall the chrome has survived in very good condition. It’s ready to ride.

1960s Rudge Whitworth catalogue


chrome rudge

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