1977 Honda C70


1977 Honda C70 Step-Through 4-Stroke 72cc Motorcycle 

One Owner from New

Original Receipt, service records, MOTs, Taxdiscs, etc

Original Mileage: 18,697 miles


Taxed until end of March 2012

(Now sold)

How often do you come across a one-owner vintage vehicle? I’ve been buying and selling classics since 1977 and, until the 1990s, it was not unusual to buy a motorcycle from the original family. But these days it doesn’t happen very often. What I like about this one is that it comes with a complete history file, including its original bill-of-sale, service records, handbook, etc.

This particular machine has been cherished throughout its life, and ridden continually. I’ve not added my name to the registration document, so it’s still in the original owner’s name. The purchaser of this motorcycle can therefore become the second owner.

A Honda C70 is without doubt the most practical vintage motorcycle to own and ride if you want a well-designed, practical, economical and reliable 4-stroke machine. Parts are easy to find should any be required: as well as dedicated Honda parts suppliers where you can buy most mechanical components, new-old-stock body parts are available from Thailand through ebay.

The Honda is very sound throughout. It was fitted with a new frame some years ago, and this has started to rust at the rear, in front of the shock absorbers, on both sides. It has not deteriorated far, and inside the rear frame is solid. If required, a local garage would charge £240 to cut out these rust patches to stop it spreading. The wheels are good. The battery is 6 volt, so it needs charging if the motorcycle is not used often. The electrics are functional, though as always with 6 volt batteries, the indicators only work when the engine is revving. My mechanic recently serviced it, a new seat cover was fitted, and it is now MOT tested until 1st March 2013.

This 72cc motorcycle is ideal for riding around town, and – because of its four stroke OHC engine, arguably Honda’s best small engine – it’s nippy even with a passenger riding pillion. ‘SNR 856R’ ready to jump on and ride.


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The Honda C70 is a 4-stroke OHC motorcycle manufactured by Honda between 1970 and 1984, and it replaced the similar C65 model. The C70 was the elder brother of the C50 Cub, with more power, but the same cheap economical ride and reliability. It was introduced in USA, Canada, Asia and Vietnam in 1970, and introduced to the UK in 1972. Later US versions were called Honda Passport.


It had a 72cc air-cooled single overhead cam engine (a bigger-bore version of the C65), an automatic 3-speed gearbox, enough power to pull this motorcycle to a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). First models had 6v electrics; in 1982 12v electrics and CDI ignition were introduced to further improve the reliability of the engine, and to ease servicing.



[Brochure pics and edited history text from – http://www.cyclechaos.com/wiki/Honda_C70]