1977 Swing Bike

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“With the SWING BIKE, you can invent wacky maneuvers which leave everyone else bug-eyed in amazement!”

– Swing Bike brochure

The swing bike design was invented by Ralph Belden of Oregon in the 1960s and patented in 1974. It went into production in Taiwan and was distributed world wide in late 1975. With adverts on the Donny and Marie Osmond TV Show, Jimmy Osmond did many promotions for the company and became the Swing Bike official spokesman.

The bike sold for $98.50 in 1975, $119.00 in 1976, and was back down to $99.00 in 1978. It was discontinued soon after, and has subsequently become a cult bike.


1977 Swing Bike

20″ Rear Wheel, 16″ Front Wheel

Articulated Frame

(Now sold)

I imported this Swing Bike from the USA. It’s in good unrestored original condition and, as you can see from the photos of Ianthe (my friend’s daughter) riding it recently at Amberley Museum Historic Cycle Day, it’s in good functional condition.

Several kids tried it out at Amberley, and also two adults. They all enjoyed riding it, and seemed to master quite easily the art of cornering with the wheels trying to point in different directions. I was also impressed when I rode it as it’s surprisingly easy to ride.



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Riding the 1977 Swing Bike