1990s Harry Butler WALLER KINGSLAND Replica

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Arthur James Waller was born in London on 4th January, 1917(1). He was a regular soldier in the Blues and Royals prior to the Second World War and during the war he served as a dispatch rider, when riding a motorcycle during the blackout, he lost sight of the white line in the middle of the road and crashed into a lamppost shattering his left leg, and was invalided out of the Army.

After the war Waller opened a shop at 325, Kingsland Road, London E8. The first of Waller’s unique designs was named ‘Kingsland’, presumably after the shop’s address. It featured a strange curved tube under the seat post, as shown above. Few of these bicycles were made and the limited number of survivors became very collectible, though not well-known.

Harry Butler was a 1990s frame builder who built replicas of various iconic bicycles, and this is one of his replicas of the ‘Waller Kingsland’. This was also a limited production run.

1990s Harry Butler WALLER KINGSLAND Replica

23″ Frame

Frame No C8650

This Waller replica was restored a few years ago. It is still in good condition with some scratches to the paintwork. As you can see, with a pair of wheels and pedals it would be ready to ride.





















Information thanks to – https://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/classic_builders/waller-a/