1950 Scooter-Bike


lambretta amphi scooter

War accelerates industrial resources, and new ideas are brought into the civilian market when wars end. So the years after World War Two brought many interesting new innovations, particularly in the design of motor scooters, microcars and children’s bicycles.

Bond Aircraft & Eng Co Ltd, of Towneley Works, Longridge, Lancs, was a leading manufacturer of small motor scooters and microcars at this time. Laurie Bond had worked as an aeronautical designer for the Blackburn Aircraft Co during the war, setting up his own engineering business in Blackpool to manufacture aircraft and vehicle components for the government. After the war, he moved the company to Longridge, and brought out what was described as a ‘short radius runabout’ – the Bond Minicar – in 1949. The Bond Minibike was its two-wheeled equivalent.

1949 Bond Minibike

With ideas such as these leading the way, and a buoyant export market backed by the Government in order to generate much-needed foreign exchange, many other British companies started producing on a smaller scale. The market for wheeled toys and children’s bicycles had good potential because production had ceased during the war years. Many of the items produced at this time were exported to the United States and Commonwealth countries, often distributed by the more established companies such as Triang; if a product was particularly successful, Triang often bought the company that produced it. Though it seems to have been inspired by the styling of the Bond Minibike, absolutely nothing is known about the manufacturer of the children’s scooter-bike featured here.


c1950 Scooter-Bike

Unknown Manufacturer

No part on this scooter-bike correlates to any other bicycle I’ve come across. The previous owner fitted a Triang saddle, which appears to be from the correct period given my estimate of its age as post-WW2. I’ll update this page if I discover anything further.





















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