1951 Tandemoto Narcisse

In 1936, France’s new socialist government ordained that the French people could have an annual national holiday. An industry promptly grew up around summer vacations, and bicycle tandems became popular; some manufacturers started to make motorized versions to cash in on the tandem craze – a much faster way for a cycling partnership to get down to the south coast – but production was interrupted by the war.

Production resumed post-war. But by 1953 or so, scooters had become the new chic two-wheeler and ‘old-fashioned’ motorized tandems soon became obsolete.

1951 Tandemoto Narcisse

98cc Sachs Engine

Frame No 73

(Now sold)

























In 2007, I owned another Narcisse, with serial number 171. I used it for a photoshoot (above); below, you can compare it to a Derny Tandem I owned at that time.

The two French fellows pictured below enjoy riding their Narcisse.