In 2008 I held a large ebay auction of 100 vintage cars & motorcycles. It was a new idea at the time. 50 were mine + 50 motorcycles from my friend Andy Tiernan. Ebay were not savvy in those days. On every listing, I added links in the sub-title boxes to my new ‘auction catalogue’ website – My website jumped to google front page overnight.

Because of the links, many also sold after the ebay auction and we got very good prices for everything. However, the Recession hit 6 months later: prices of vintage cars & motorcycles suddenly increased and we couldn’t buy similar items for anywhere near the prices we’d sold ours the previous year. As a result I started buying and selling vintage bicycles instead. 

BuyVintage reached a million hits by April 2011, but I realised there was absolutely no information about bicycles online. Then I started getting addicted to bicycles. The rest is history… 🙂

 After I added a sales page to, I stopped using BuyVintage, but I’ve retained it as a database…