1886 Beeston Humber (52″ wheel)

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Thomas Humber was a pioneer of the cycle industry, and in the early years Humber was one of the world’s top cycle manufacturers. Their Beeston factory produced some of the best quality machines available on the market, and were popular with the Royal Family and aristocracy of Britain as well as royalty around the world.



1886 Beeston Humber Penny Farthing 

52″ front wheel

Frame No 2586

(Now sold)

This 1886 Humber is in good condition, requiring only a service before being dispatched to a new owner. It’s an oldtime restoration. The pedals are reproductions of the originals, the saddle has been replaced, and brake has been fabricated to the original pattern. The rest of the machine comprises original parts.

Although the safety bicycle, introduced in 1886, had made the penny farthing obsolete by the early 1890s, as you can see, the company was still advertising this model in 1892.