1907 Dursley Pedersen Lady’s Royal Roadster

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The 1907 Dursley Pedersen Lady’s Royal Roadster was one of the most expensive bicycles in the world. Its quality and unique design made it worth the outlay. The fine details are particularly interesting, and all are unique.

As well as the amazing frame design and the special hammock saddle, I particularly like the ‘D.P’ pedals that were only fitted to the Lady’s Dursley Pedersen. This is the only original pedal set of this design that I’ve seen.


1907 Dursley Pedersen Lady’s Royal Roadster

Three-Speed Dursley Pedersen Gear

Size 5

26″ Wheels 

(Now sold)

This beautiful Dursley Pedersen Lady’s Royal Roadster comes from an old friend in Italy who is extremely particular about his bicycles. It’s in excellent preserved original condition. The handlebars are downturned rather than the upturned shown in the catalogue. Women were not encouraged to lean forward on a bicycle, which is why lady’s models were illustrated with a handlebar that forced an upright sitting position. However, many women rode gent’s bicycles, ie with a top tube, rather than the loop frames that were suggested for them. It would have been too difficult for most woman to ride a gent’s Pedersen, as even men find the frame tubes too high to mount comfortably. So a Lady’s Pedersen with the ‘Standard Pattern’ gent’s handlebar would have been an acceptable compromise.

This example is in wonderful preserved condition. Most chaincases were removed over the years. Not only does this one have its original chaincase, but the Dursley Pedersen transfer (decal) has also survived.