1918 Lady’s Rover Bicycle Model A

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1918 Lady’s Rover Bicycle Model A

23″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)

With this style of fork crown and head-badge, this would appear to be a Rover model that was made around 1915-1918 WW1 by another cycle company on Rover’s behalf. It was common practice for cycle manufacturers to ‘buy in’ machines from other companies when they were too busy to make their own.
This machine has been mechanically restored, and is ready to ride. The mudguards are replacements, and the handlebar grips, while appropriate, are not original to the machine. But the important components appear original. It would not be too difficult to find a matching pair of 28″ mudguards if you wished to complete its restoration. The front lamp is a Jos Lucas Captain  No 59, in unknown condition, so for display only.
Rover bicycles are not easy to find, and obviously command a premium because of their historic significance. They were always well-manufactured, and this machine would grace the collection of any vintage enthusiast …while providing reliable transportation at the same time.