1921 Olympia Humber Lady’s Model No 10

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1921 Olympia Humber Lady’s Model No 10

22″ Frame

28″ Wheels 

Frame No 438948

(Now sold)


The ‘Olympia’ model name has a fine heritage in cycling history, being the name of the renowned tandem tricycle made by Rudge for the Marriott & Cooper company. (The latter was combined with Humber in 1899). Humber had various factories, each making different models. Their ‘Beeston’ range was the most expensive, and the Olympia was one of their more economical machines. Overall, this 92-year-old bicycle is a lovely preserved example of  the early ‘flapper’ era. With many members of royalty favouring Humber bicycles, the company capitalized on their royal connection in their advertising. So if – like the public of the day – you wish to ride the same type of bicycle as the royal family of Great Britain and Europe, an Olympia Humber like this provides the ideal opportunity.


Sporting the unique Humber chainwheel, this Olympia is in sound condition, restored mechanically, but original and unrestored cosmetically. It is fitted with a repro skirt-guard over the rear mudguard; this mudguard retains its original Humber transfer but shows signs of various repairs. This is a bike which has obviously been well cared-for, but regularly ridden over the years. The original handlebar grips are usable but not in perfect condition. If you prefer shiny over-restored bicycles, this would not be the kind of machine you would choose. But if you enjoy the ‘faded glory’ of bygone days, and fancy a machine cherished and maintained in original condition by enthusiasts for over ninety years, this could be the mount for you…