1921 Raleigh All-Steel ‘Modele Superbe’ X Frame (Green Enamel)

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LOS TALLERES DE LA ‘RALEIGH CYCLE COMPANY LIMITED’ estan situados en Lenton, Nottingham (Inglaterra). Hace mas de 30 anos los establecieron unos hombres laboriosos que dedicaron sus vidas a la production de no solamente bicicletas se alta calidad, sino de bicicletas que siempre reunen las ultimas mejores. Ano tras ano, con adelantos siempre en aumento, la compania ha ensanchado sus talleres hasta que, desde un modestisimo taller, estos se han transformado en una fabrica gigantesca llena de maquinaria, que cubre mas de 7 hectareas y da emplo a mas de 2,500 operarios.

– Raleigh Catalogue

‘This is the Age of Steel!’ proclaimed Raleigh in their advertising brochure, pointing out that their ‘All-Steel Bicycle’ describes the fundamental difference between the Raleigh and other bicycles. It is a testament to the quality of manufacturing of that time that this machine is still in good running order nearly nine decades later.

In 1923, Great Britain was the world’s leading industrial nation, and bicycles one of its leading exports, so Raleigh’s catalogue was printed in a variety of languages. Given his record in the wars between Spain and England, I’m not sure how the Spanish version was received when accompanied by the reference, below, to Sir Walter Raleigh.


1921 Raleigh All-Steel ‘Modele Superbe’ X Frame

Frame No 694844

26″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)

1921 Raleigh X Frame 05



This 95-year-old Raleigh X Frame is in good solid condition. As you can see from its original shop transfer (decal) below, it was supplied by Raleigh to Holland and sold by a shop in Amsterdam. The headstock transfer (decals) is also intact. It is in its original green enamel finish with 22ct Gold leaf lining.

I only have a few jobs to do on it apart from the usual service: The chaincase was made of leatherette (common on bikes sold in Holland). This is always delicate and breaks easily, so the front was removed by the previous owner. I will remove the rest of the chaincase and also fit new tyres and tubes.





















1921 Raleigh All-Steel 'Modele Superbe' X Frame 5