1930 Raleigh Gent’s Model Superbe X Frame (Restored)

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It is the road that matters – the old Road – the only Road – the one true Road of Heart’s Desire. For I believe profoundly in the dictum of Robert Louis Stevenson, that it is the journey, and not what we find at the journey’s end, which brings us real happiness.

Do you say there are many roads? I reply that there is but one.

The road through the Trossachs, the road to Betts-y-Coed, the road to Newlands Corner, the road by Wharfs-side to Bolton Abbey, the road through the Isle of Oxney to Rye, the road to Dedham and Flatford Mill, the road over Dartmoor, the road to Killarney, the road to Miller’s Dale: these are not different roads, but merely stages of one Great Gay Road.

And this road is not confined to the British Isles; it stretches beyond the utmost limits of her far-flung Colonies and Dominions to embrace all the wide spaces of the world.

I grant there are different methods of traversing it …but for me one method is as much too slow as another is too fast. I cannot taste the true glamour of the road as a pedestrian, choked by the fumes of tar. Nor can I taste it as one of a packed line of impatient car drivers, hot and cross because an inoffensive old cow has seen fit to meander across the road and hold up traffic.

So just as there is only one real Road, so there is only one true way of tasting its joys to the full, and that – need I say it? Do you not know it? is through the bicycle.

– 1930 Raleigh Catalogue

1930 Raleigh Gent’s Model Superbe X Frame

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No H50996

(Now sold)

1930 Raleigh X Frame 04 copy

I purchased this Raleigh X Frame from a gentleman who had started to restore it but then got sidetracked by other projects. So I continued the process and recently had it repainted in the same dark green paint.

It has been mechanically restored and is ready to ride, but still needs a few small jobs to finish off its cosmetics:

  1. The chainwheel/pedal cranks and front brake are tarnished: these could be rechromed, but Raleigh parts are plentiful so it’s easier for you to buy and replace them.
  2. There are two small bolt holes in the rear mudguard ready to fit a reflector. I have one from the correct period which I’ll include (see one of the photos) but I’ve not fitted it yet
  3. It also needs transfers (decals): these are easy for you to buy and fit.

It has a new Wrights saddle, tyres, tubes, pedals, handlebar, etc so you could easily use it as is, and replace the above items at your leisure.

1930 Raleigh X Frame 08

















The reflector with red lens pictured below is included with the Raleigh X Frame



















1930 Raleigh X Frame 68