1934 Raleigh Superbe X Frame

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At a time when the whole world is suffering from financial chaos and trade depression, we feel a special pride in being able this year to announce a substantial reduction in the price of all Raleigh bicycles. Realising the need at this critical period of a stimulant to trade, and the provision of employment for the thousands of British workpeople, it was decided to bring our prices well within limits of the sadly depleted purchasing ability of the public.

Headful of our worldwide reputation for products only of the very first class, we emphasise that, in spite of the reductions, the quality – always associated with the Raleigh – has been fully maintained, and again we renew for the ‘All-Steel’ Raleigh our world-famous ‘Forever’ guarantee. 

Introduction to the 1932 Raleigh catalogue; October, 1931

The most noticeable result of Raleigh’s price-cutting because of the Great Depression was the absence of the Modele Superbe X Frame, which had previously received star-billing in all Raleigh catalogues. From now on, it was not heavily promoted, though it was advertised in some years’ catalogues as either the ‘Service Model’ or ‘Irish X Frame.’ There was still some demand for it, however, from overseas: Raleigh were able to reduce its production price by exporting it in parts for local assembly, so they continued to supply it for special order in this way until all the old parts were used up.

This example was exported to Holland, where there had always been a healthy demand for cross frame bicycles.

1934 Raleigh Superbe X Frame

Export Model

Sturmey Archer ‘Model AB8’ 3-Speed Gear with handlebar-mounted gear trigger

and Hub Brake.

Sturmey Archer Dynohub Lighting Set

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Frame No U38435

(Now sold)



I purchased this 1934 Raleigh Superbe X Frame Export Model from a friend in Holland. These are his photos. It had been restored some years ago. I sold it in 2017.