1934 Golden Sunbeam for Gentlemen

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1934 Golden Sunbeam for Gentlemen

24″ Frame

26 x 1 1/2″ Wheels

Frame No G-455-9289

(Now sold)

I bought this wonderfully preserved Golden Sunbeam because it retains its original transfers (decals) and also because its wheels are 26 x 1 1/2″ which allows me to fit these white tyres which set it off to a tee. You can see it fitted with similar tyres in the catalogue illustration below.

It’s a single speed model (£12 new instead of £13 for the three-speed). My only criticisms are that one pedal shaft is rusty (the chrome on the other is excellent), there’s a dent in the chaincase (very common) and it would probably look nicer with a leather Brooks saddle rather than the (more comfortable!) Middlemore mattress saddle fitted. I’ve taken it for a spin aling the seafront. It rides very well – as you’d obviously expect with a Sunbeam – and is now ready for its next custodian to ride, enjoy and cherish.