1950/1951 Raleigh Lenton Tourist

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“In June 1949 T.H.R. Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the Nottingham Quincentenary Trade Exhibition where they “spent a considerable time” inspecting the Raleigh stand featuring a new model: the Raleigh Lenton Tourist, no. 29. Also branded as the Rudge Aero Tourist (no. 129) and Humber Beeston Tourist (no. 329), this was described as being a “machine that is as suitable for business purposes as it is for touring” and having the most up-to-date specifications including a Reynolds 531 frame (21″ and 23″ gents only), 71° head and seat angles, Dunlop light alloy 26″ x 1 1/4″ rims, light alloy GB caliper brakes and hooded levers, alloy chainguard, 4-inch rubber pedals with alloy fittings and alloy 15/18th” Comfort Flat handlebar on an alloy stem. A Brooks B-66 saddle, kitbag and celluloid mudguards completed the specification while the Sturmey-Archer FM or AM medium ratio gear with alloy was optional. All three models were finished in Polychromatic Olive. Costing £20 3s. 11d. (AM gear), this was the outstanding new model of the 1950 season.

…Missing from the 1952 line-up was the Lenton Tourist. Its sophisticated specification and high price put it in an awkward corner in the market given its limited appeal to sports riders and it proved too expensive for tourist cyclists. In its place was a 2030 steel frame version, the Trent Tourist, a popularly priced model that became one Raleigh’s biggest sellers.”

– https://www.sheldonbrown.com/retroraleighs/lenton-kohler.html

As you can see, above, in this Cypriot advertising poster, Raleigh decided on a more racy kind of advertising for some parts of its export market.

For some of my friends though, the Raleigh Lenton Tourist, a rare bicycle with interesting features that was only in production between 1949 and 1951 would be a more preferable pin up 🙂


1950/1951 Raleigh Lenton Tourist

Model 29

Sturmey-Archer Model FM 4 speed gear

23″ Frame

26 x 1 1/4″ Wheels

Frame No 969119P

I visited a friend in London yesterday to deliver a bicycle, and he showed me his Raleigh Lenton Tourist. I said I’d advertise it for him, so here are a few pics outside his house. It’s in good condition all round, restored mechanically and ready to ride.