1940s Cazenave (Nivex 2 speed gear in Bottom Bracket)

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1940s Cazenave (Nivex 2 speed gear in Bottom Bracket)


22″ Frame

26 x 1 1/2″ Wheels

(Now sold)

I know nothing about the history of this model. I assume that Cazenave observed Adler’s success with their ‘Dreigang’ in 1937 and the various Swiss bicycles with bottom bracket gears and decided to build one for the French market. It would appear to be a rare survivor. It’s loosely assembled, missing a part inside the bottom bracket to connect the gear cable and I’m not sure how the outer casing should be held on as there’s no locknut or outer thread to fix it to the drum brake located on the right side of the bottom bracket. It’s asls missing pedals, cranks and saddle and needs new tyres (26 x 1 1/2″). On the plus side, it’s complete apart from the items mentioned, with original paintwork and transfers (decals). It’s such a rare bicycle that it deserves to come back onto the road. I’m selling it for restoration.