1954 Hermann Klaue 3-Speed Cross-frame

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1951 Roe Crossframe Klaue

While Sir A.V Roe was designing a prototype for a new model of cross-frame in Great Britain, Hermann Klaue had already put his own cross-frame into production in 1950 in Germany. This was a radical modern bicycle design that would not look out of place if you saw it on the road today.

It remained in production until 1956, when manufacture was taken over by the German Hercules company who called it the ‘Hercules 2000.’

hermann klaue

1954 Hermann Klaue Cross-frame

Torpedo Three-Speed Gears

52cm (20.5″) Frame

26″ Wheels

26 x 1.75 x 2 tyres (47-559)

(Now sold)

 This rare German cross-frame is in good all-round condition and ready to ride.

Cosmetically it could be improved. At some time in its life it has been badly overpainted in silver. Originally it was light green, so hopefully the overpaint could be removed to reveal the original colour underneath. The chain guard needs to be fitted properly. According to the Klaue family descendants, these machines were fitted with either a Torpedo or Sturmey-Archer three-speed hub. This one has a Torpedo with matching handlebar-mounted gear trigger.




Hermann Klaue was a prolific inventor and patentee, apparently registering around 800 patents for cycle and automotive innovations.

Compare the Hercules 2000 illustrated below.

Hercules took over the Hermann Klaue cross-frame from 1956 to 1964.