1954 Pegasus Boy’s ‘Parabike’

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After the end of World War Two, the production of children’s bicycle resumed and became a big industry. BSA was a major supplier, and their PJ/1 and PJ/2 children’s parabikes were popular sellers. Another cycle company, Pegasus, also made a parabike with duplex tubing similar to the BSA Airborne Paratroopers’ bicycle.

While the BSA offered both a boy’s and girl’s version, Pegasus appear to have only made a boy’s model. As you can see here, the Pegasus looks much more like a military bicycle than the BSA, though obviously a scaled-down version of one.


1954 Pegasus Boy’s ‘Parabike’

16″ Frame

18″ Wheels


The Pegasus is much rarer than its better-known BSA cousin. I believe that this company started making them when BSA stopped production of the PJ/1 around 1954. It would have cost as much to manufacture as an adult bicycle. Its well-built sturdy frame was made in the days when children’s toys were still quality items …though cheap imported  mass-produced Japanese toys were already starting to affect the toy market in the West, and I don’t believe this model was made for long. Today they are very rare.



Compare the Pegasus with the BSA Junior bicycles, above, and the full size version from World War Two. These were still very much in the public consciousness as they were still being sold off as military surplus; the advert below is from 1954.