1915 BSA Modele de Luxe with Territorial Fittings


BSA On War Service


During the 51 years of its existence the Birmingham Small Arms Company has had to face and overcome many difficulties and has formed a close acquaintance with mighty national and international problems in its dealings with Governments. Its progress, from its inception by a combination of a few individual gunmakers to its present world-renowned position, has been marked by a continuity of sound principles with the happy direction of far-sighted, broad-minded and progressive business men. And well it has been so. For all those problems and difficulties of the past faded into mere nothingness before the appalling situation disclosed on that memorable day in August 1914, when war was declared between England and Germany.

– Munitions of War: A Record of the Work of the BSA Company During the Great War


BSA was the world’s leading supplier of military bicycles. Prior to 1910, bicycles were supplied as fittings only, to be assembled locally. With international orders, this avoided import tax. Australia, for example, published guidelines as to how rough the imported parts must be in order to qualify for import tax exemption. The Australian bicycle and motorcycle industry was founded on BSA Fittings, so BSA parts were the most common to be found in Australian bicycles. When war was declared, BSA bicycles were supplied to Australian soldiers by the British government. You can see a typical example in the photo below.


1917 bsa oz

BSA modele de luxxe


1915 BSA Territorial

‘Modele de Luxe 1A’

Green Paintwork

BSA Three-Speed Gears

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Original John Bull ‘Safety Roadster’ Tyres

(Now sold)



BSA bicycles were supplied worldwide before and during the Great War, both as military and civilian versions. Some territorial cyclist battalions placed bulk orders with individual manufacturers; in others, cyclists supplied their own bicycles. It often depended on whether they would be posted overseas.

As well as the standard military models, officers also placed individual orders with the company if they wished for extra specifications above the standard issue. Hire purchase was available for officers upon enlistment. This is a BSA Modele de Luxe with Territorial Bicycle fittings, to special order.

The green BSA Modele de Luxe Gent’s No 1A with nickel handlebars was BSA’s top-of-the-range model, priced at 13 guineas, and fitted with three speed gears and a chaincase. The toolbag is the second pattern, fitted to the top tube rather than the rear of the saddle; this necessitates the inflator pump to be mounted above the top tube rather than underneath. The rifle mounting clips are those fitted to the War Office Mark II Bicycle (whereas the War Office Mark I Bicycle had a ‘bucket’ style mount for the rifle butt).

The BSA ‘three rifles’ logo is etched into the metal in various locations around the bicycle, including the head clip, gear trigger and hub. The paint is original (except for the mudguards which have been repainted at some time in its life), with some box lining still showing, and the original BSA transfers have survived on the seat tube and chaincase.

BSA Territorial  copy







BSA modele de luxxe



1914 BSA catalogue 1



BSA modele de luxxe















BSA modele de luxxe






BSA modele de luxxe











BSA modele de luxxe






BSA modele de luxxe