1920s Skudder Ball Bearing Car

The Skudder Car has taken the world of childhood by storm. Its easy automatic action makes it extremely simple for any boy or girl to operate. The double-action ratchet drive propels it at a rate of from ten to twelve miles an hour – simply by shifting thw weight from one foot to the other. It is a coaster too.

– 1917 Janesville Mfg Co advertisement

The Skudder ball bearing car had a high production run. It was sold in departments stores and hardware shops, and by mail order from catalogues and advertisements in magazines such as ‘Popular Mechanics’. The earliest advert I’ve found was from 1917, and there was obviously plenty of leftover stock as the advert above is from Christmas, 1940.


1920s Janesville ‘Skudder’ Ball Bearing Car

10″ Front wheel

14″ Rear wheels


WIDTH: 16″